Instant card transfers
Send money around the world to family, friends or freelancers.
50k+ active users
95.5% transaction success rate
Advantages of card-to-card transfer
Instantaneousness. Forget about long waits. Transfer from card to card is performed instantly, even on weekends and holidays.
Security. Your money is in safe hands. We use advanced encryption technology to keep your finances safe.
Convenience. Simple and intuitive transfer process. Even novice users can easily handle it.
Low fees. We offer some of the lowest fees on the market. Your money will stay in your pockets.
Send funds
Family and friends
Business partners
Help in case of emergencies
Send funds to family and friends anywhere in the world.
Pay and collaborate with partners wherever they are located.
Send funds to family and friends anywhere in the world.
How it works
  1. Specify amount
2. Specify the recipient's card details
4. Pay. Confirm the transaction.
5. Done! Your transfer is sent and will be available to the recipient instantly.
3. Check all data carefully and make sure they are correct.
Send funds to any corner of the world in a few taps
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